A century of innovation

From hammer forging beginning in the middle ages, driven by water power; inventors, ideas, patents and to the establishment of companies in the pioneer age of European heavy industry. Revolutionary advances, reorganisation, new technology, and continued growth.

Material and process developments from BÖHLER's laboratories have swept the world. For example, the development of stainless special steels, continuous casting, electroslag remelting, cross-rolling, bi-metallic strip, third generation powder metallurgy (PM) technology and more.

We have inherited many revolutionary inventions and are aware of the responsibilities that come with such an inheritance. Steel has a long tradition in the towns in which BÖHLER is based.

But the real success story began in 1870. Albert and Emil Böhler purchased steel from a number of different manufacturers and sold it through their company in Vienna. Due to their great sales success, they were able to buy the mill in Waidhofen, Lower Austria in 1872, followed by the mill in Kapfenberg, Styria in 1894, they then modernised and expanded production significantly.

The outstanding quality of the steel even then was a major in their early success. At the same time a world-wide sales network was established which was unique for the period. Even then, globalisation was a familiar word at Böhler and proximity to the customer was a top priority. And so the foundation was laid for Böhler to soon establish it`s brandname as a synonym for the very best in special steel.

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