Innovation is our philosophy

We work for the future. Special steels will continue to play an important role. Our engineers, however, also develop completely new materials. Even lighter, even harder, tougher, stronger. Some of these materials are currently being tested in our laboratories; some of them are already on the market. Research and Development are part of the Böhler tradition and form one of our strategic business areas. Intensive cooperation with universities and international research institutes ensures a continuous know-how transfer which makes itself felt in the efficiency of newly developed products. The metallurgical emphasis of our research is on high performance high speed steels and high performance tool steels as well as special materials.

However development activities centred on melt and casting metallurgy as well as the working and forming of special steels and alloys also contribute towards setting metallurgical trends now and in the future. More than 300 valid patents in Austria and in other countries prove the expertise of our research and development department.

The testing laboratories

A reliable partner for materials testing. Further evidence of our know-how can be found in our certified, independent testing laboratories which are responsible for testing in our own production lines and are also available for use by external institutes and customers.

World-wide partnerships

Our laboratories take part in many different national and international round robin tests and cooperation projects.

Global recognition

We have been certified by numerous customers which only serves to encourage our thirst for yet more knowledge and even more perfect solutions.

  • Mechanical-Technological and Metallographic Laboratories
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Chemical analysis
  • Environmental Technology
  • Corrosion Technology
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Metallurgical Laboratory

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